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The fighting men of Ireland were gathering to repel Cromwell's invasion, and with them marched the Dowdalls under their brave young chief, Robert. Master swordsman of Europe, he had returned to lead his kinsmen's steel against the invaders. And then to the confusion of history, he vanished.

Here at last is his story, the story of Robert Of Eire who marched to fight an Earthly foe only to find himself in desperate combat against the beastmen and alien warriors of another world, another Earth, but not the one on which he had been born.

This is a novel in the grand tradition of John carter, of Dray Prescot, of Tarl Cabot. Here is one man against a world, one man to save a princess, one man to fight, to lead, to conquer or to die.

Everyone who loves high heroism on a distant planet will thrill to the mighty adventures of Robert of Eire on Ghandor.

Warlord of Ghandor (Used Book)
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