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Quincy Taggert rode up onto the Kaibab with a Colt .44 on his hip and a Remington in his saddle scabbard. He came looking for answers and found a bullet with his name on it.

They thought they had him dead to rights -- three gunmen in ambush sent by the judge to stop Taggert at all costs. They heard him coming and drew their weapons. But they had not counted on this man whose gun had landed him in prison and attracted the attention of those who sought to own the entire Kaibab.

Not even the Combine in Denver and Washington had counted on Taggert. They thought they could buy out the valley, scare off or kill those who owned the land. They thought they could turn the Kaibab into a cattle empire that was a thousand miles closer to the gold and silver mines of Nevada and California. They had planned for every contingency, but had not counted on Taggert. Nor had they anticipated the determination and will of Maggie Ballard who owned the single most important ranch in the entire valley. Even after they killed her husband and ran the others off, she remained to make a home for herself and her two children. And those two oversights threatened to topple the largest multi-million dollar eastern empire the west had ever known and ruin the political careers of some of the most influential men in Washington.

This is a fast-paced action adventure, a factual story of the Kaibab thirty years before it was made a national forest; of the political intrigue that threatened to ruin the plateau forever and keep the Grand Canyon isolated from the public view; of men and women determined to carve out a place in the west; and of unscrupulous men who bought local law and hired guns to ensure their power. This is a story of the old west, of gunmen, fights, cattle schemes, and Combines determined to turn the lush valleys of the west into huge cattle empires. It is the story of men and women who were less than perfect, of men who were forced to carry guns to protect themselves and their loved ones from the lawless, and of women who were willing to stand beside their men against all odds.

This is a story of the valleys of the Kaibab more than a hundred years ago, of the land that was open for the taking, and the people who battled crooked politicians and purchased law. It is also the story of a tender, sensitive love between a gunman with a checkered past, a widow whose stubborn pride threatens to ruin her family and her future, and two children in search of their own kind of happiness. Guns Along the Kaibab is an action-packed, fast-paced adventure surrounding the factual settings of northern Arizona and the people who settled there in the latter half of the nineteen century. It is a story of the real west and the type of people who came to carve out a nation from the wild country of the Grand Canyon.

Guns Along the Kaibab
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