inaccuracies of mesoamerica


In 36 hours the Pacific will be in Russian hands, and the world will be in flames! This is a story of a desperate, last-ditch Cold-War event recently uncovered deep within KGB files that neither the Russian nor U.S. governments want to acknowledge.

In 1988, the Russian super-submarine Suslov speeds toward the Motherland, transporting stolen secrets that will render the U.S. Navy completely exposed and totally defenseless across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Alone and unaided, the U.S. attack submarine Pocotello must confront the awesome might of an advancing Russian fleet and sink the Suslov, an impossible mission where failure or success could ignite the unstoppable fires of global devastation!

In 36 hours, a captured American airman will battle for his life hundreds of feet beneath the waves, a brilliant and beautiful civilian engineer will find herself trapped in the ultimate real-life war game, personally entrusted with the survival of tens of millions, and a President and a Premier will take the Earth to the very brink of annihilation!

In just 36 hours, mankind's most terrifying fears become reality!

Torpedo Alley (Used Book)
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