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Abby Kincaid is basking in the limelight of her Virtual Reality creation. A generation development ahead of the industry, her computer program completely immerses the player directly into the other reality. A reality so engrossing, the player loses track of which reality is real.

Expecting to rake in millions from her creation, and a senior partnership at the prestigious MicroTech Industries, Abby is startled to see her creations break free of the program and run amuck. Operating outside the system on atmospheric electromagnetic waves, her characters terrorize and ravage the elite of New York and disappear into the Manhattan skyline only to reemerge in the environment of their program--the nearly insurmountable Andes Mountains of Peru.

Granted access to Micro-Tech owner Frederick Gambill�s fortune to locate and destroy her creations, Abby is faced with finding a way to counter the excessive wit, knowledge, and strategic advantages she had given her villainous characters. Her only chance, since the arch-villain Thundercloud is programmed to succumb only to the game�s hero, Jack McGee, who Thundercloud killed in the other reality before breaking free, is to find the original template of McGee. Patterned after a true-life and highly-decorated SEAL from whom she borrowed the name, Abby must find and convince the real Jack McGee to kill Thundercloud.

Unless she can do this, Thundercloud and his warriors will eventually gain total freedom from the electromagnetic currents still generating the computer program and be completely free to terrorize and destroy much of the southern continent. But the real Jack McGee is nothing like her computer-generated hero. Intent only on his own self-interests and the satisfaction of his lusty cravings, he has no interest in unselfish philanthropic games, even to save part of his world.

Locating Jack in a waterfront dive outside Lima, Abby finds her only chance at enticing the former SEAL into helping her is to clandestinely place him into another reality. Another reality that can kill them both.

When this fails, Abby is forced to convince Jack to take her into the real jungle after Thundercloud. But before agreeing, Jack contrives several tests of her endurance in the jungles of Peru, including walks through alligator-infested swamps, free-fall sky dives, treks down fifteen-thousand foot Andes� mountains, and encounters with aborigine Quechua warriors who want her for their bride--all this in hopes of discouraging her from coming along.

But Abby Kincaid is a very stubborn woman and not even Jack McGee can dissuade her. Finally agreeing to go, Jack assembles a crack ex-SEAL combat team to ferret out Thundercloud, a real Amazon Indian chief he has fought with in the past. But unbeknownst to him, there are now two Thunderclouds in the Amazon, and he must defeat them both before he can escape with his team and save Abby�s life.

Programmed to guard a lost Amazonian city from outside intruders, the computer-generated Thundercloud, who possesses Abby�s analytical brain waves which were used to pattern his existence, becomes a formidable enemy. Using Abby�s computer technology, he secrets himself in a world of his own creation, and surrounds himself with thousands of Amazonian warriors.

Countering his technology with her own, the two fight to a standstill and only Jack�s commando skills can tip the scales. Trouble is, Jack is never certain in which reality he fights, or with which Thundercloud he struggles. And interwoven into this conflict is the budding romance between antagonists that fully develops in the face of sudden death until Jack and Abby are totally immersed in their own reality. A reality that again and again is wracked with impressions of other lives and other experiences. Yet, even in the midst of all this, Jack is never certain which reality is real. And the final outcome is both surprising and shocking for the reader to learn exactly which reality exists, for both Abby Kincaid, and for Jack McGee. Not only a high-tech adventure story, not exactly a sci-fi, this intriguing romantic adventure grabs the reader from the first paragraph and holds on for dear life until its abrupt, suspense-filled ending which leaves the reader wanting more.

Virtual Grams
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