inaccuracies of mesoamerica


Was he a super spy? An unscrupulous thief? Or just a villainous rogue?

Both feared and employed by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Mafia, he had contacts in every corner of Washington. When the President needed something unusual, when the Defense Department needed something acquired, when the CIA needed something eliminated, they called on the man they knew as Mac. An exciting, sophisticated and elegant free-spirit, who was comfortable among the elite and the deprived, the disposed and the privileged, the anodyne and the deadly, Mac circulated among anyone and everyone who could assist him in achieving his purpose, no matter on what side of the law they stood.

But who was Mac? Was he a patriot or a brigand? Did he serve the Agency that hired him, or did he pursue his own ends? Those who knew him best referred to him as the Washington myst�re �nigme, and those who had failed to neutralize his impact, a bandit and a crook. No matter the relationship, Mac�s effect on other people was always immediate and long-lasting.

Just Call Me Mac
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