inaccuracies of mesoamerica

Inaccuracies of Mesoamerican &
Other Theorists

Since the mid-20th century, Mesoamerican Theorists have been skewing and altering the sacred record of the Nephites in order to fit the text into their Central America models. Around the close of the 1990s, the Great Lakes, Heartland and Eastern U.S. models have increassed their folowings. Unfortunately, both, along with many other theorists, use six basic methods to promote their beliefs, opinions and models:
  • Use scripture incorrectly
  • Use scriptural reference as though it supports the point being made when it obviously does not
  • Make statements that cannot be supported by scripture
  • Use scripture out of context
  • Use a scripture to make a point when another scripture counters that point
  • Alter, change or try to suggest that a scripture might be wrong
There is no excuse in writing an article or a book about the Book of Mormon and change the scriptures. This work shows how these Mesoamerican Theorists, use all six of the above methods to try and prove or support their view about Lehi's Land of Promise. While intellectual people may disagree on matters of observation, evaluation, and interpretation, there is no room for the rampant misuse of scripture in order to prove a point of view. Difficulty will always occur when a person, scholar, or scientist begins with a point of view, then goes about trying to prove it at the expense of the clear and precise language of the scriptures. Taking two of the most prominent books on the subject, and a scattering of other author's comments, the critique in this work shows how far afield they have strayed from the actual scriptures.

The words in the Book of Mormon should never be used except as they were written, with the context in which they were written. Perhaps we should have Nephi's attitude: "For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children," (2 Nephi 4:15) and "my soul delighteth in plainness." (2 Nephi 25:4) Which is to help us better and more correctly understand the scriptures he and others have left us about the location of, and their society in, the promised land.

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